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Brooch Safety Pin

Brooch Safety Pin

Kilt pin/large safety pin/brooch safety pin/ kiltie pin can be made of any material, colors and sizes as per your requirement.


Kilt pin/large safety pin/

brooch safety pin/ kiltie pin


Nickel plated steel, Stainless steel, brass


Silver, gold, gunmetal, antique brass etc




All sizes

2’’ (50mm)

2 1/4’’ (57mm)

2 3/4’’ (70mm)

2 1/5’ ’(63mm)

3’’ (76mm)

3 1/2’’ (89mm)

4’’ (101mm)


Honby Industry Supply Limited, the eco-friendly manufacturer in China, which specialized in all kind of pins, for sewing notions & garment accesessories.

Customer designs & packing are available!

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.